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This first ever guide dedicated solely to The Left Bank of Paris introduces you to the People, Places and Pastimes of this mythical and mystical crucible of Art, Religion, Rebelliousness and Douceur de Vivre.  Filled with inside tips and things to do before, during and after your stay.


In addition to the Guide itself, which will be shipped to you, The Flaneur's Club Individual Itinerary option works as follows:


1. After purchase, within 1 business day we will email you a small questionaire asking about your travel details and dates, questions about your interest areas and what you enjoy on your travels. We will also give you the opportunity to tell us about specific things you would like to do or have questions about.


2. Based on your answers, we will put together a personalised itinerary to be used with the Guide book.


3. When complete, we will send you within 3 business days by email a Flaneur's Club itinerary that will focus on the Top 15 things that we would recommend you consider during your stay. The recommendations will incorporate your travel dates using local up to date listings and will be tailored to the best of our ability and specifically to your preferences. 


Learn about Picasso, Léo Ferré, Jacques Derrida, Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve, Jim Morrison, Rodrigo, Descartes, Hemingway, James Joyce, Eileen Gray, Sainte Geneviève, Baudelaire, Delacroix, Marie Curie, Apollinaire, Louis Braille, Agnès Varda, Oscar Wilde et autres...

Visit the Musée D'Orsay, Eiffel Tower, Place Saint Sulpice, Boulevard Saint Germain, Rue du Bac, Place Dauphine, Académie Française, École Militaire, Institut du Monde Arabe, Bibliothèque Nationale, Jardin des Plantes, Hôtel Lutetia, Monnaie de Paris,  Luxembourg Gardens, Arènes de Lutèce, Paname et encore...

Go to Balzar, La Palette,  Chez René, Le Petit Lutetia, the PMU, Action Cinemas, FIP, Montparnasse, Luxembourg Gardens, the British Council, Collège des Irlandais, American University, Bouillons, Rodin Museum, the Latin Quarter, Paradis Latin, Pont des Arts, Gallimard, rue de la Huchette et plus si affinité...


Book: Paperback edition. 120 pages. Weight: 200 grams.

Flaneur's Club Individual Itinerary: Custom itinerary containing our Top 15  recommendations emailed to you based on your travel dates and preferences.

Paris - The Left Bank + Flaneur's Club Individual Itinerary

SKU: FG-PAR-LB-P-20-02
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