2nd Edition Now Published


A Flaneur’s Guide to Dublin introduces you to the People, Places and Pastimes of this Gaelic, Viking, Norman and now Global melting pot of myth, music and minds, evolving daily in front of your eyes. From Pre-history to the Viking Age and onto a Post-History technology-driven urban landscape, stroll through the winding streets, Northside and Southside, follow the Trail of Independence and venture to the suburbs, visit the Phoenix Park, the Iveagh Gardens, the Hugh Lane and RHA and other main attractions, discover hidden nooks and crannies, lose yourself in a snug, discover cafes and breweries, ponder mottos and musings, all in the hands of a veteran flaneur, brimming with wit and wile and plenty of inside tips and things to do before, during and after your stay.

Paperback edition. 146 pages. Weight: 200 grams.


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